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82 Ave - 87 St., Edmonton, Alberta, United States

82 Ave - 87 St. Edmonton Alberta United States


Jonathan Bennett

About Us


I quit an executive role at a large hospital to strike out on my own, founding a management consulting firm.

And, for 10 years, things were great. The company grew. We became a B Corp and served hundreds of organizations.

Except I became unfulfilled.

For years I delivered consulting projects that clients loved, but I wasn’t happy anymore. Nothing had really changed about the work, so I thought it was me. I thought that I just needed to dig deeper and work harder. Though nothing I tried seemed to relieve this feeling: that I was supposed to be doing something else. But what?

Then one Monday, three things sparked hope. They were coaching sessions.

You see, I had, over the past few years, been taking on leaders to coach. I’d started reluctantly—I didn’t think I wanted to coach. After all, I was a consultant. But, one by one, leaders accumulated on my coaching roster, and unexpectedly, I found enormous joy in it.

Why? Because coaching meant going deep. Making lasting, personal change with interesting, powerful people. Working one-on-one had such an impact. Not better, just different. I was serving leaders, not their organizations. This was the difference for which I’d been searching.

That Monday, I immediately knew what I had to do.

With a succession plan in place, I stepped away from consulting for good. I went ‘all in’ on executive coaching and trusted advisory by starting a new company.

Since then, it’s been transformational for me. It’s what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.


You don't just need any old coach. You need someone who's been there before. Yes, who asks lots of questions and is a good listener. BUT, sometimes you need more. You need someone who can also offer suggestions, advice, ideas. That's me.

Wherever you’re at, I’ll bring 25 years of creativity and leadership success to your situation. You’ll experience humor and empathy, and see firsthand why I am known for my deep listening and breakthrough questions that create insights and new strategies.


I’m a full-time executive and leadership coach. I am also an independent board director and a Special Graduate Faculty member in Trent University’s M.A. Sustainability Studies Graduate Program. I'm a widely published and award-winning writer and am the author of seven books.


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