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Jiang Ying Career Coaching



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Services Offered :

● Career development

I grew up in Shanghai, currently live in Vancouver, up to explore the world. My upbringing has taught me the value of handwork and resilience.  I understand what it takes to cross the finishing line and make things happen. My strengths topped with my curiosity have fueled my cross-sector and cross-functional success wearing different hats and engaging with all types of stakeholders.

My top strengths

  • Bias for action: I take pride in my ability to deliver quality results no matter what. My default setting is in action-taking mode. I love taking action towards our goals and this often involves making smart decisions quickly, taking calculated risks, failing forward, and pivot.

  • Analytical/strategic mindset: I am a strategic thinker who always has the helicopter view. My analytical mindset enables me to think logically and make data-driven decisions- this is my secret to creating clarity and structure in VUCA environments.

  • Thrive on change:  My growth mindset urges me to embrace changes and challenges. In 2014, I quitted my perfectly fine job and established a new life in a foreign country. At work, I’m highly adaptive and proactive when managing competing priorities and shifting landscapes.

My philosophy

As an educator-turned business leader, I firmly believe that people always come first, everything else will follow.

  • When leading cross-functional teams, I celebrate the team’s success and prioritize team member’s growth. I have proudly supported several team members to land promotion.

  • When building products and driving projects, I apply the agile and user-centric approach to ensure stakeholders are engaged, results are delivered fast, and projects are fully aligned with the strategic goals.

  • When consulting and advising clients, I have lots of empathy and thrive to come up with solutions that work the best in the client’s context.


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