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449 Ash Avenue Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States


Jerry Manas

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Jerry Manas is an internationally best-selling author and consultant. His latest book, The Resource Management and Capacity Planning Handbook (McGraw-Hill) addresses the perennial challenge of maximizing organizational "people" resources.

His books Napoleon on Project Management, cited by management guru Tom Peters for its timeless principles, and Managing the Gray Areas, touted by Orlando Magic founder Pat Williams as "a new path for leaders," were critically acclaimed, with the former being translated into 8 languages.

He also co-authored 42 Rules for Creating WE, which was hailed by Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts as "today's greatest guide for team success." His book, Project Lessons from the Roman Empire, explored leadership lessons from the rise and fall of Rome.

Jerry’s work has been highlighted in a variety of publications and media, including Leadership Excellence, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, The Chicago Sun Times, The Huffington Post, and The Houston Chronicle. He has written numerous articles and appeared on radio programs nationwide.

Besides his writing, Jerry helps clients of PDWare, a leading New York City-based resource and portfolio management software firm, improve strategy execution through tools and processes that align people and work with organizational priorities.

Jerry served as a US Registered Expert with ANSI/ISO on the topics of Workforce Allocation, Employee Engagement, and Knowledge Management, representing the US in the international work groups creating the upcoming ISO Standards for those areas. Jerry also served as a voting member of the ISO Global Standards ANSI Technical Advisory Committee on HR Management, TC 260.

In addition, Jerry is a novelist, focusing on suspense thrillers and sci-fi adventures, which he writes as J.B. Manas. HIs latest book is a Hitchcockian thriller titled, The Mirror Man, touted by Kirkus Reviews as "a stylish and engaging crime tale." His prior bestselling novels include a sci-fi thriller titled Atticus, and The Kronos Interference, which he co-authored with Edward Miller. The latter earned a coveted starred review in Kirkus Reviews and was named to Kirkus's Best of 2012. In addition, Jerry (as J.B.) is a script writer for graphic novels and comics, working with legendary artists from Marvel, DC, and others. He also has provided editing and ghostwriting services for fiction and nonfiction.

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