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150 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN, United States

150 4th Avenue North Nashville TN United States


Jamie Ziska

About Us

I am an accomplished Vice President level operations management professional with extensive experience providing the leadership and direction to drive the achievement of key organizational business goals and objectives. Analytical by nature, I am able to analyze current business environments and practices to develop and implement strategies to maximize operational efficiency in a cost-effective manner.

In addition, I bring demonstrated strength in developing and maintaining professional relationships with strategic business partners and stakeholders based on the impact of the business solutions on the organization's bottom line.

I am continually recognized for my ability to deliver exceptional results while leading in fast-paced, dynamic business environments.

Areas of Expertise Include:

Business Solutions • Organizational Operational Leadership • Revenue Generation

Supply Chain Management • Budget Management • Staff Training & Development

Vendor Management • Operations Management Practices • Strategic Business Relationships

Forecasting & Analysis • Business Process Improvement • Strategy & Execution

Contract Negotiations • Coordination & Logistics • Cost Savings

• Life Coaching

• Develop Management, Leadership, and Executive Skills

• Reinvent yourself

Services Offered

• Virtual Meetings

Communication Types

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