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Ira Tau Executive Coaching

About Us

Certified Executive Coach who works with Technology and Digital Product professionals who wish to advance and excel in their careers. Leveraging years of hands-on and leadership experience in technology and product management, utilizes expertise and insights that one can only achieve through decades of team building, outcome-driven development, effective leadership and nurturing strong alliances and relationships. Coach and consultant to clients from a variety of industries. Practices coaching grounded in the concepts of Emotional Intelligence, personality theory and effective communication, using a strengths and values-based approach. Former CTO who understands the view from the inside, helping clients manage up, down and across the organization. Leaders and aspiring leaders at all levels work on leading with trust and empathy and successfully realizing their goals. Certified assessment practitioner in multiple assessments including Myers-Briggs, DISC, Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Learning Styles, Motivators and others. Assessments are accompanied by a comprehensive debrief/coaching session.

• Discover the right career for you

• Update your Resume and LinkedIn profile

Services Offered

• Virtual Meetings

• Face-to-Face Meetings

• Phone Calls

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