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27708 NE 146TH Way, Duvall, WA, 98019, United States

27708 NE 146TH Way Duvall WA United States


Heart Nature, LLC

About Us

Through group and one-on-one coaching, I support women in finding their own way forward toward their creative dreams and goals. When life hits hard and we feel stuck, paralyzed or overwhelmed, the gentle, yet powerful tools, processes and containers help shift us out of resistance and into movement in safe, productive and freeing ways.

All the light and answers and power are in us. The resistance isn't an enemy to be defeated, it's part of us trying desperately to keep us safe. Learning to befriend and tune into those parts and then working to free them from their fears, creates transformative shifts that feel good and last.

Let's be done with being our own worst enemy and become a friend that we can trust.

My specialty is combining IFS therapy, Mindful Self-compassion, basic of neuroscience and polyvagal theory and essential oil chemistry to create a safe container to know yourself, befriend yourself and actually allow your brilliance to begin to shine brightly without the battle.

• Life Coaching

• Reinvent yourself

Services Offered

• Virtual Meetings

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