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Abington Ave, Ardsley, New York, United States

Abington Ave Ardsley New York United States

Frog's Leap Consulting, LLC

About Us

Frog's Leap Consulting, LLC is a company that is focused on positive, goal-oriented transformation for organizations and teams.  

We set ourselves apart not only by our energized, expert, and dynamic delivery of training and workshops, organizational effectiveness programs, and project management but also through:  

•  Our attention to understanding the culture of the client company and customizing our training and delivery to align with the culture; 

• Our commitment to working closely with clients to quickly get results through a structured methodology;  

• Our ability to leverage strengths and experience in a professional collaboration that delivers exceptional results customized for the client;  

• Our belief that developing interactive training that efficiently utilizes the limited training time available is the most beneficial approach for our clients. We know that companies must maximize the time of their resources; 

• Our willingness to work with companies to creatively design programs that recognize constraints, leverage strengths, and deliver results as quickly as possible.               

Frog's Leap Consulting expertly delivers:  

oOrganizational Effectiveness Programs 

oCoaching for High Performance 

oMentoring for Organizational Sustainability 

oTeam Building for Exceptional Results oMBTI for Organizational Effectiveness 

oNavigating Organizational Change for Positive Transformation 

oNew Supervisor Training and Coaching 

o     Employee Engagement During Transition

• Develop Management, Leadership, and Executive Skills

• Reinvent yourself

Services Offered

• Virtual Meetings

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