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Emily L. Pasnak-Lapchick

About Us

I am a Certified Life and Career Coach and Consultant, with 10+ years of experience working in nonprofits, foundations, and academia.

I specialize in coaching early to mid-career folks in social impact spaces. I believe personal change is a pivotal part of social change.

✨ Are you feeling stuck and unsure of what’s next?

✨ Do you find yourself trapped in cycles of stress and burnout?

✨ Do you have some gorgeous dreams that sit on the back burner and want support breaking through what's holding you back?

I partner with you to uncover the hurdles you're experiencing, address self-doubt and fear, and bring clarity to what you want for your life. Together, we create a plan to get you from where you are now to where you desire to be, you have me in your corner supporting you every step of the way. I offer free 75-min coaching sessions to explore whether coaching is right for you.

As a consultant, I partner with organizations and socially conscious businesses to facilitate events and retreats, coach your teams, support strategic planning processes, lead human-centered design sessions such as user-journey mapping, and create effective awareness and mobilization campaigns.

To explore how we can work together, visit

Throughout my career, I have worked to build and launch 9 new programs. I've have spoken at the United Nations, on CNN International, at international conferences, and on over 25 college and university campuses and I've partnered with dozens of multinational corporations, NGOs, coalitions, and civil society partners. I hold a Master in Social Innovation focused on social entrepreneurship, systems thinking, and human-centered design.

In 2018, I competed in the Global Social Innovation Challenge where I pitched an intersectional approach to addressing social and environmental justice issues. I was a finalist in the competition and was awarded three in-kind prizes. In 2016, I was honored as a New Abolitionist. In 2014, I was a top 5 finalist for the "Nonprofiteer of the Year Award" given by the Young Nonprofit Network.

I excel at coaching, mentorship, strategic planning, human-centered design, facilitation, program creation and development, public speaking, event planning, designing and presenting workshops, and more.

According to the Gallup StrengthsFinder, my top 5 strengths are Relator, Connectedness, Ac

• Life Coaching

• Develop Management, Leadership, and Executive Skills

• Reinvent yourself

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• Virtual Meetings

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