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15 Allstate Pky, Suite 600, Markham, ON, 0, Canada

15 Allstate Pky, Suite 600 Markham ON


DreamJob Discovery

About Us

I envision a world where EVERYONE eagerly embraces their work, feeling PASSIONATE and PURPOSE-DRIVEN by what they do. ▼▼▼

I'm Ken Steven, author of the book DREAM JOB DISCOVERY, inventor of the DreamJob Type Indicator (DJTI)™ career assessment tool, and creator of the revolutionary 4-step DreamJob Discovery process.

Call me a dreamer, but my goal is to help at least ONE MILLION people identify and safely transition into a "dream job" that brings them joy, meaning, and fulfillment.


▶︎ Because I believe that life is way too short to spend more than half of it merely existing, or even worse, feeling anxiety and misery in a job that you don't enjoy.

Any career coach can help you find a job that pays your bills.

What makes me different is that I promise to find you a job that also fuels your PASSION and inspires your PURPOSE.

If you're like most people I help, you have no idea right now what your PASSION is.

If you've ever tried conventional PASSION discovery methods, you'll know they can be a time-consuming, deeply introspective, mind-numbing experience. And, you're never quite sure at the end of that process whether the thing you've identified is truly a PASSION that you'd be willing to bet your career happiness on, are you?

I spent 16 years researching, testing, and perfecting a better way to FIND YOUR PASSION so that you could find your dream job.

The result was the DreamJob Type Indicator (DJTI)™, a career assessment specifically designed to identify the type of work you'd feel passionate about doing: a job that would provide you with joy, meaning, and fulfillment.

If you were to invest 20 minutes of your life in taking the DJTI Assessment, you would identify the type of work that would be a dream for you to do and the specific job titles for you to pursue.

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