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Barrington Illinois USA

Barrington Illinois USA


Dream Team Work Force

About Us

DreamTeam   WorkForce believe that studying excellence yields excellence. Businesses   thrive when they identify the intrinsic talents that make top performers   excel in their jobs and consistently hire, promote and train to that   standard. We are advocates of the strengths movement, the term coined by   Marcus Buckingham in his ground-breaking book, First, Break All the Rules.   The strengths movement puts forth the theory that focusing on individual   strengths is ultimately more productive and successful than trying to fix weaknesses. DreamTeam WorkForce provide measurement tools that supply   objective information; allowing you to see inside a potential employee. You might call it Occupational DNA. Our high performance profile assessments take an x-ray of a job candidates learning style, behavioral traits and occupational interests to determine if there is a high performance fit to a   position within YOUR organization.

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