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5523 A kiam Street

5523 A kiam Street, Houston, TX, 77007, United States



About Us

Empowering Expatriate Leaders to Maximize Career Growth in <6 months 🏆

| Mastering Emotional Intelligence & Ikigai for Cross-Cultural Success 🎯| Bilingual in French + English 

🚀 Ready to skyrocket your career growth & achieve a fulfilling work-life balance? 

🌟 Struggling to Overcome the Professional Advancement Abroad Puzzle? 

🔥 Frustrated with feeling unfulfilled & undervalued despite consistently exceeding expectations? If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, you're in the right place. I specialize in empowering professionals like YOU Whether it's navigating cultural complexities, overcoming work-life imbalances, or unlocking untapped potential. 

I offer expert guidance & unwavering support. With a laser focus on : 

💪 leveraging your strengths

 🎯 discovering your true purpose 

💥 Transform Challenges Into Business Opportunities 

🏆 developing the essential skills for cross-cultural success I am here to guide you toward significant career advancements & ultimate fulfillment. 

Together, we'll strategize & implement actionable steps to break through barriers, transform setbacks into stepping stones, & unlock your full potential. Don't let cultural expectations or stagnant growth hold you back any longer. 

Take control of your career & unleash the success you deserve. 

☎ Ready to take the first step toward your goals? Direct message me 🗯 on LinkedIn. 

Together, we'll assess your unique needs & tailor a personalized strategy to achieve your desired outcomes. 

As a bilingual (French-English) Certified Coach, I provide customized solutions that empower YOU to reach your full potential. 

What people tell about me:

“Aurelien is one of the few executive coaches who can coach me effectively & transform my challenges into actions." -Krista B. – Former Executive “

[Aurelien has a] strong leadership & ability to proactively empower & support his peers. Aurélien offered me excellent coaching while job hunting during the pandemic, providing a plethora of resources, practical advice & an effective strategy. Great ability to motivate & effectively work with other professionals.” -Lina P. – Change Manager 

"Aurelien’s expertise led to 10+ Million Dollars in gains per year in just a month! Even under extreme pressure to deliver results, He improved our productivity with 15-20% higher efficiency! Aurelien is truly a master at his domain. I know very few others that equal his expertise! His impressive ability to deliver powerful results in a short time.

• Network Coaching

• Discover the right career for you

• Prepare for interviews

• Develop Management, Leadership, and Executive Skills

• Reinvent yourself

• Update your Resume and LinkedIn profile

Services Offered

• Virtual Meetings

• Face-to-Face Meetings

• Phone Calls

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