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9525 Manchester Lane Bay Shore, New York, NY, United States

9525 Manchester Lane Bay Shore New York NY United States


Cristina Costa

About Us

"Success is simply doing what you love to do and being good at it" -- I believe everyone can be successful once they define what success really means to them!

I have a passion for developing PEOPLE and I am currently passionate about diversifying the tech industry, finding and placing diverse talent at Google, creating opportunity, and empowering job seekers on their professional journeys.

I also am passionate about building inclusive and psychologically safe work spaces for ALL to thrive through building community, professional development opportunities, coaching, and prioritizing diversity and inclusion.

I have 10+ years of professional experience working in the technology sector in a variety of roles from advertising operations, client consulting, digital marketing, customer success, student engagement, recruiting, project management, program management as well as leading diversity and inclusion initiatives. I was one of the founding members of the first ERG at HubSpot -- POCAH (People of Color at HubSpot) as well as developing strategic partnerships with Boston based organizations which promote diversity in tech such as G|Code, Resilient Coders and Hack Diversity.

I pride myself on being an outspoken advocate who works towards equity and inclusion for all people of color -- particularly the professional and economic advancement of women of color. I served as Chief Marketing Officer for 5 years at an organization called Women With Purpose. I led the development of over 40 professional development workshops, networking events, financial literacy conferences and public speaking events. All programs were geared towards the professional advancement of women of color.

Bilingual in English and Spanish and conversational in Japanese and Portuguese. I have over 3 years of experience teaching and living abroad in Mexico, Japan and Spain --these unique cultural and social experiences reinforced the value of cultural awareness and the value of diverse perspectives.

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