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London, England, United Kingdom


Carmanah Mackenzie

About Us

☀️ Life is meant to be LIVED. Sadly, I see most people going through the motions. Existing instead of living.

Seeing the world, meeting new people, trying new foods, spending time with loved ones, laughing till my abs hurt and helping others get the most out of life is what makes me feel alive.

What about you?

Are you existing or truly living?

I help people discover who they are, so that they can live an authentic life, one where they feel truly alive.

I do this through wellbeing coaching & consulting for individuals and companies. Through a foundation of wellbeing, true success is available to you.

Not traditional success that is defined only through work, but success across all pillars of life e.g. relationships, mental & physical health.

🔥 What makes my approach to creating a wellbeing strategy different?

Yes, I can help you write & implement a strategy.

I'm different because as part of the implementation, I coach your people to improve their own wellbeing.

Change happens on a company level through the overall strategy, as well as individuals being empowered to make their own positive changes.

This is how real change happens.

I can bring my expertise to help with:
☀️ Wellbeing Strategy Consulting
☀️ Corporate Wellbeing Coaching
☀️ Wellbeing Speaking Engagements
☀️ Wellbeing Team Building

Book a discovery call today to see how I can add value & energy to your organisation!


Maybe you're here as an individual?

Many high-achievers lack harmony between work and life. I balance structure and intuition through an 8 step strategy to help you achieve success across all pillars of life, not only in your career.

Interested in learning more about this strategy?

☀️ Book your FREE wellbeing strategy call today! No sales pitch. Just straight value.

My mission is to help as many people as I can and to help you start prioritizing your wellbeing so that you can start truly living.

What do my clients have to say about me?

⭐️ During the COVID-19 pandemic she was instrumental in delivering our Wellbeing initiatives which received highly positive feedback from both the Senior Leadership team and staff.

⭐️ Having heard Carmanah talk about employee wellbeing in the way she does, I know this is not just a task or a job for her. If you’re fortunate for Carmanah to help you on that journey – Congratulations!

⭐️ Carmanah has some form of magic. I would highly recommend Carmanah to anyone who wants to find balance in their work and personal life.


Email me at 🌻

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