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9th Street NE, Washington, D.C., United States

9th Street NE Washington D.C. United States


Building the Life You Want

About Us

I work with people who want to intentionally design their romantic relationships in a way that is meaningful to them. I also offer consulting services for companies who want to include alternative relationship configurations into their DEI efforts. You can read my latest research paper here.

I founded Building the Life You Want ("...wherever you are") in 2008, to help other expats and accompanying partners feel at home abroad faster.

Over time, this has developed into a more holistic passion for human understanding, personal and professional development, and an appreciation of diversity. I’m inspired by people who further human understanding, like Drs. Esther Perel, Brené Brown, Linda Berens, and Dario Nardi.

I’ve enjoyed working with individuals, couples, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and teams across various industries (oil, telecommunication, insurance, consumer products, manufacturing, biotech) for over 15 years.

Born and raised in Germany, I’ve been an expat since 1997. I am an accredited personal coach (2008), an MBTI® Master Practitioner (2010), an experienced cross-cultural trainer, and am certified in the Neuroscience of Type and the Berens Interstrength™ Approach. I also hold a BA in HR Management (2001) and an MSc in Applied Psychology (2022).

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