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New York Metropolitan Area, USA


Amy Bladen Shatto

About Us


• Leadership Development/Assessment/Inclusion Subject-Matter Expert and Leader
• I/O Psychologist, Internal/ External Consultant, Workshop/Curriculum Designer & Facilitator
• Cross-Industry, Cross-Level, Global
• Creative and High Energy!

A proven record of delivering customized, measurable, end-to-end solutions and unstoppable enthusiasm distinguish Amy Bladen Shatto as an "all-in-one" strategic leadership development partner. Amy has worked internally and externally across the high technology, financial services, pharmaceutical/medical devices, insurance, manufacturing, and communications industries, from which she has parlayed her technical and culturally diverse knowledge into designing, facilitating, and overseeing complex interventions at all stages of the talent cycle. Amy is recognized for her own brand of experiential learning through business-relevant, lively and highly interactive leadership sessions at all levels. A collaborative approach that balances best practices with client needs ensures her clients' sustainability, ROI, and ease of use.

Passionate about networking and learning with others in the industry, Amy continues to publish and participate in panels, forums, and opportunities to stay relevant as she co-creates with her clients.

Amy’s thought leadership on talent/performance management, learning, coaching, and consulting had been widely published and presented in academic and practitioner forums.

•Leadership Development (Strategy, Program Design, Facilitation, Micro-learning)
•Inclusive Leadership/ Diversity for leader success
•Coaching/ 360 / Assessment / Development
•Talent Management/ Succession Planning
•Competency Modeling/ Competency-Based Solutions
•Performance Management (process, tools, and training)
•Benchmarking / Program Evaluation / Survey Design

• Executive coaching

• Reinvent yourself

• Develop Management, Leadership, and Executive Skills

Services Offered

• Virtual Meetings

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