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Amanda Armstrong

About Us

*Based in Nairobi, Kenya | Working with women, youth, and impact organizations globally :)

My life purpose is to create a ripple effect of impact around the world. I do this by:

1) Teaching women in the impact sector how to build confidence, land dream job offers & dream clients, and get paid what we deserve.

2) Providing scholarships for talented children and youth in Kenya to access education.

My values of EMPATHY, HONESTY, IMPACT, HARD WORK and RESULTS are at the core of everything that I do.

I've spent 12+ years building a successful career filled with passion, purpose, and eventually financial freedom. I've been through the job search more than a dozen times and landed 14+ incredible job opportunities in non-profit, international development, social entrepreneurship, B Corporations, startups, and tech sales.

I've worked with thousands of youth, women, non-profits, social enterprises, and small businesses in North America, the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, and globally including Canada, the US, Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, and Japan.

I was the Top Sales Rep at a tech start-up in early childhood education bringing in $500,000+ in annual recurring revenue. I achieved tremendous growth, success, and results with hundreds of loyal, long-term customers and child care partnerships using a consultative approach built on passion, honesty, and empathy.

I was fired from this ^ job directly related to alcohol. I went to therapy and have been proudly ALCOHOL FREE for almost 3 years. I am a huge advocate for healthier workplaces, HR professionals, alcohol awareness & education, and sharing #TheTruthAboutTech.

Today I am living my true purpose as a social entrepreneur teaching women, youth, and impact professionals how to land their dream opportunities, build wildly successful careers with impact, and get paid what we deserve.

FUN FACTS: I am a passionate soccer / football player and snowboarder. I have summited both Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro :)

If you are passionate about landing your dream job or dream clients - book a call with me here:

• Discover the right career for you

• Career Development

• Reinvent yourself

• Search for your new job

• Network Coaching

• Negotiate salary

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• Virtual Meetings

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