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We provide analytics tools to support decision-making and organizational development. Our range includes eg. Profiles International primarily provides personal assessment tools and services related to the use of organizations for their own use, as well as Genos International Workplace Intelligence Assessments and related coaching. Excelse is a regional representative of Profiles International, a member of the John WILEY & Sons Group, and a distributor of Genos International in Finland. Profiles International is a human productivity and performance expert and provider of innovative HR solutions to help organizations around the world build and maintain a high performing workforce. Profiles now operates in 125 countries around the world and offers assessments in over 40 languages. Genos International helps professionals apply key emotional intelligence skills that promote self-awareness, empathy, leadership and flexibility. Genos offers the widest selection of emotional intelligence assessments and coaching programs on the market. Genos assessments are one of the few recommended by both the Daniel Goleman EI Consortium and the International Coach Federation. With our extensive portfolio of personal evaluations and state-of-the-art “Human Capital Management” solutions, our clients gain competitive advantages by choosing and positioning people well and leading them to the fullest potential. Our clients are organizations of all sizes, and they use our personal assessments as they choose

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