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About Us

When you are looking for a change in your work life – things can get really complicated really quickly. And when you are unhappy and unsure of your next move at work, it can show up in all areas of your life.  That is the sticky part of work that sucks.

When HOW you WORK isn’t working, it’s time to make a change.

A  career renovation is no different from any other renovation. You know it’s time for a change and that can be anywhere from a new coat of paint to a complete rebuild. Sometimes in your work, there are changes and adjustments that refocus and re-energize you at your current job. And at other times, you need to walk away and rebuild. Being successful in your career renovation allows you to look after yourself, your time,  your energy, your money, and your relationships.   

I’ve been helping people uncover what they really want for over 20 years. First as a data analyst and project manager and now as a career, leadership, and life coach. Being able to help people uncover what they really want,  format an outcome full of life and connection, and design a plan with meaningful action.

What I love most about working with people who are entering (or knee-deep) in a career renovation are the ‘ah-ah’  moments when they uncover something so pivotal on their journey. In my  coaching practice, I work with clients:

    •Looking for a promotion

    •Wanting to be more impactful at work

    •Needing a new job

    •Discovering their unique super-powers

    •Uncovering a way forward to something completely different

    •Growing a side-hustle into a full-time gig

    •Reinventing who they are and how they show up in the world.

If any of that sounds like something you would like to dig into, set up a  no-cost clarity call and start creating your career blueprint.

• Develop Management, Leadership, and Executive Skills

• Career development

Services Offered

• Virtual Meetings

• Face-to-Face Meetings

• Phone Calls

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