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Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Erin Porche’

Erin Porche’

About Us

Meet Erin Porche’, a life & business strategist and consulting catalyst that will try anything once. Erin has helped develop and build capacity for leaders in businesses across the nation on a federal, regional, state, and local scale, improving operations and modernizing tools and systems to achieve maximum results, and increase their bottom line and profit margins. We help businesses access, win, and maintain Federal Government Contracts from business development to marketing outreach. We connect people, resources, buyers, and suppliers by bridging the gap to meet small business goals. 🌱Ask me about vetted small businesses ready to fulfill the requirements of a contract in any industry.🌱

Erin founded Global Works Consulting Group in 2009, and they are on a quest to help small and medium-sized business owners procure Contracts. GWCG builds bridges, offering trusted advice to close the gaps in the consulting field by connecting the dots on securing contracts and business deals.

Erin is an innovative, creative, critical thinker, multi-disciplined problem solver, and servant leader with substantial project experience in operations, process improvement, quality management, business continuity, disaster preparedness, prevention, response, recovery, and local engagement. With over 15 years of executive consulting experience, Erin brings a wealth of experience across multiple industries to her clients, spanning from co-authoring emergency management frameworks and plans, revising policy, creating and presenting training and exercises, to facilitating and coordinating resources among over 50 agencies. Her work specializes in business modernization, problem-solving, solution-building, and organizational change management. Clients love her because of her passion, go-getter zeal, and unshakable commitment to helping people of all walks of life recognize their own brilliance.

People love Erin because she gets to the bottom line, with her wealth of knowledge, diplomatic approach, methodical thinking, and unshakable commitment to helping business owners outsource, delegate, and maximize their time to create the life and business they truly desire.

Erin is a relentless champion of C-suite executives and risk-takers. She works tirelessly to empower top-performing leaders to own their success, so they can take risks, get noticed, and confidently create change.

Erin’s knack for details and natural approach to connecting with people activates and unlocks the lucrative world of fulfillment in life and business in the marketplace.

• Executive coaching

• Reinvent yourself

• Develop Management, Leadership, and Executive Skills

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• Virtual Meetings

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