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M.E. Matters (Mind & Emotion Matters)

M.E. Matters (Mind & Emotion Matters)

We work   with couples on a variety of issues such as trust and betrayal, affairs,   intimacy, grief, divorce, communication, addictions, and any of the myriad of   relationship issues all couples experience. In addition, I work with   children, teens and their families on a variety of relationship issues   dealing with conflict, communication, parenting, defiance, adoption and   respect. I believe that all individuals are able to change but get stuck in   patterns that do not serve them well due to the daily stress of life. Through   interactive conversations patterns are identified and reinvented into   patterns that create a healthy lifestyle.I provide intensive couples and   family therapy using a variety of techniques to help individuals, couples and   families recognize their impact on each other and collaboratively create   sustainable healthy interactions. Additionally, I use various approaches to   help educate clients and family members on disorders and their effects.


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