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Julian Psychometric Consulting

Julian Psychometric Consulting

New testing programs need to make good strategic decisions about what kind of test they want to be, how to get started, whether it should be a knowledge or performance test, who will do the work, how to analyze the data, what kind of scores and feedback to report, and how they will keep the test up-to-date to avoid wasting resources and the goodwill of constituents. Existing testing programs may need external support with decisions about upgrading and updating the exam, and dealing with problems that arise. Test development is an on-going process that requires different expertise at different points. Julian Consulting has partnerships with other consultants to cover the entire life cycle of an exam, from the job/task analysis, item-writer training, item-bank selection, test-administration vendor choice, test-form design, scoring, setting the initial passing standard, equating cut scores across time and test forms, to documenting the entire process. When it's time for accreditation, Julian Consulting can assist with determining readiness, reviewing the application, and responding to assessor's questions. To discuss your exam program's needs, please call: 240-401-4949


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