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Community Leadership Network, LLC

Community Leadership Network, LLC

How I help you:

-Resume/Cover Letter


-Interview skills

-Salary Negotiation

-LinkedIn Profile Optimization

What people say:

"Victor is simply amazing.

I really struggled with making the determination that I needed a career coach. After working with Victor, I should have done this years ago. I  had no idea the support I was missing.  Victor is extremely knowledgeable. He takes time with his clients. Nothing that he does is a canned or cookie cutter. He is able to work with any level, and lets you set that pace regardless of how quickly or slow that is.

My experience was nothing but positive. He helped me with a resume. He is/was a resource; helped me course correct when I needed to, and he kept all of his commitments. Additionally, he understands the mental struggle that an employment search is. He was an island of calm in the sea of chaos that I seemed to be in. That alone was invaluable.

I can't say enough good things about Victor. Anyone looking for a  position needs to have Victor's help, whether they realize it or not.”  -Former Client

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