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Aegis 360 Consulting

Aegis 360 Consulting

Aegis 360® Consulting is led by Ned Parks, a successful business consultant in the Akron, Ohio area who guides organizations and individuals to business and leadership solutions that maximize profit, productivity, and efficiency. Through the use of individual and group business coaching, training, facilitation and consulting, he focuses on talent development and mentoring leadership teams to improve performance and results.Aegis 360® Consulting has provided business consulting to organizations in healthcare, manufacturing, and service, as well as the not-for-profit field, including libraries, faith organizations, and the United Way. The Aegis 360® team expertise includes the areas of strategic planning, profit modeling, performance planning, accounting, and employee development. Aegis began business consulting operations in 2000 with a focus on leadership development programs, business strategy, business coaching, and skills training, business operations, talent development, performance improvement and strategic planning.

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