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Tristan Thornburgh Coaching

Tristan Thornburgh Coaching

I’m a Portland, Oregon-based career and leadership coach. I’m dedicated  to helping driven Millennial men find clarity in their career to drive  more fulfillment, reduce burnout, and understand what matters most to  them, so they can feel happier and be more effective.

I  specialize in working with individuals who are driven and know they want  to improve their effectiveness as a leader. My approach focuses on  changing mindsets around work-related problems and narrowing the  priorities on what's important to each person.

I coach clients 1:1, lead workshops and group sessions, and conduct corporate training for companies of all sizes.

I've  trained at The Academies, the leader in neuroscience-based coaching.  This neuroleadership approach to coaching means that we’ll touch on how  internal brain-and-body chemistry impacts leadership, relationships,  resiliency, and more.

Learn more about my approach and background  on my website, and schedule a free discovery consultation if you'd like  to work together. Feel free to reach out to me here or by email at

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