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TGIM Careers

TGIM Careers

TGIM is a community designed to gain greater understanding of your unique skills and abilities to authentically create a career that serves others and brings about personal and professional fulfillment. 

About Kelsey: 

Hello! I’m Kelsey.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve always been haunted by the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.  I was the first college graduate in my family and remember attending the large graduation party that my parents threw in my honor. Everyone at the party kept asking me “So, what are you going to do now?'“ Every time they asked, I cringed.  I had no clue and had done nothing to prepare! I was paralyzed in fear and believed, like many do, that my dreams were unobtainable. In fact, I believed this so strongly that I stopped dreaming and got to a place where I couldn’t even articulate what I might want to do. 

Thankfully, by some grace, happenstance, or small honor to my inner authenticity I stumbled upon career coaching.  Those who can’t do teach?  Perhaps! My first job after graduate school exposed me to career coaching and workforce development.  I was hooked, even though it took me years to articulate that THIS is what I have wanted.

The next 10 years were spent coaching individuals from all different backgrounds in a wide variety of sectors.  I have individually coached 100s of clients and have reached 1000s through workshops & trainings. Through this experience I have learned that a career is much more than a job history.  A career is about the articulation of your skills and the ways in which you show up with those skills and talents in the world. 

I believe you CAN and SHOULD design your work & life integration to meet your needs, and I understand intimately the difficulties of navigating these processes.  I’ve helped 1000s of people gain career clarity, develop sound industry-driven strategies to reach their goals, and build careers they love. Come along for the ride and love your Mondays too!

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