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Secret Recipe to Be More Satisfied in Life

There is no single key to life satisfaction. Think instead of a recipe with many ingredients. Social relationships and personal goals based on one’s values are crucial for developing a strong sense of satisfaction.

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With time and persistence, people can become more satisfied. Individuals who have experienced a loss tend to recover over time. Those with dissatisfying relationships or careers often introduce changes that will make them happier. When someone tends to be chronically dissatisfied, they can ask themselves how to develop more positive attitudes to life and the world. Taking the free Life Satisfaction Quiz will tell you a lot about your level of life satisfaction and how to increase it.

Understanding your life satisfaction starts with recognizing some of its components. To give you personalized guidance, we have measured three factors contributing to life satisfaction. Each of these factors comprises seven areas.

1. Personal: The areas contributing to this factor are self, spirituality, learning and growth, leisure, material property, family bonds, and moral code.

2. Social: The areas contributing to this factor are social position and prestige, political influence, culture, social welfare, political freedom, social equality, and economic well-being.

3. Professional or Personal Performance: The areas that contribute to this factor are performance at school, performance at work, performance in a significant role, physical fitness, mental strength, intellectual capacity, and social capability.

Additional elements such as health and the surrounding environment also play into one’s level of satisfaction. Many of these are unique to each person. Most are aware of the factors that lead to their satisfaction or dissatisfaction, but one’s temperament — their general tendency to be happy or unhappy — can color their responses.

How Can You Enhance Your Life Satisfaction?

You can make constructive changes if you are not as satisfied with your life. To help you understand how the three factors contribute to your life satisfaction, take the free Life Satisfaction Quiz now.

Learning about the three factors can help you understand your needs and, by taking action, help you reach a higher overall level of life satisfaction. These factors embrace many aspects of life, from self-perception and social relationships to physical health and work performance. Your environment and general temperament also play into your level of satisfaction. Whatever your situation, you can do things to boost your sense of fulfillment.

Dr. Leslie Becker-Phelps offers five research-based questions to help you boost your life satisfaction (Becker-Phelps, 2012). By contemplating these, along with your personalized guidance from the quiz, you start improving your satisfaction with life!.

1. Are you open to new experiences? Trying new things and breaking out of your routine is a great way to improve your satisfaction with life.

2. Are you persistent and focused enough to reach your goals? Committing yourself to whatever you do 100% (or as close as you can get) will give you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that mindless work and passive pleasures can’t deliver.

3. Do your interactions with others bring happiness? For an extrovert, spending time with others brings happiness and energy, while for an introvert, spending less time with others and more with oneself brings joy and energy. First, identify what works best for you. Most of us need a balance of both. A healthy balance includes at least a few quality connections and occasional social interactions to feel happy with life.

4. How open are you toward people? Again, it’s essential to focus on positive interactions. Make an effort to be more positive and agreeable to ensure you have meaningful exchanges.

5. Do you often feel anxious, sad, guilty, shameful, or angry? These emotions can easily drag you down. It is helpful to set a goal to become a happier, more resilient person and work toward it. If you’re unsure how to go about it, set up some time with a therapist or counselor to discuss this.


Life Satisfaction is more stable and long-lived than happiness. So, addressing shortfalls in the three factors will help you build this steady sense of fulfillment.

Talent Transformation provides free-of-charge worksheets to help you enhance your levels of life satisfaction. You can benefit from completing the exercises and implementing our suggestions.


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