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To personalize this guidance, we have measured nine values that influence you: 

  • Achievement - aligned to values such as ambition, success, and influence 

  • Caring – aligned to values such as helpfulness, loyalty, and love 

  • Conservation - aligned to values such as protection and awareness  

  • Enjoyment - aligned to values such as variety, excitement, and adventure 

  • Equality and Justice - aligned to values such as inclusion, fairness, and harmony 

  • Freedom - aligned to values such as learning, exploring, and independence 

  • Respect - aligned to values such as self-respect and capability 

  • Stability - aligned to values such as orderliness, belongingness, and responsibility 

  • Tradition - aligned to values such as respect for customs, history, and institutions


The following graphics are based on your responses and reveals insights into your values. 

Your top values indicate that you are possibly a - 



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In addition to this summary, you can obtain a complete and personalized guidance by registering free of charge with Talent Transformation. We will create your personalized report to help you evaluate and reflect upon the values influencing your behaviors and decision-making. 

Discovering and understanding your values makes career and personal decision-making easier and helps you define your path in life. Your values govern most of your decisions—whether conscious or unconscious. Being aware of your values is the first step toward understanding why you make decisions and what you regard as important and non-negotiable. Ultimately, this awareness will help you discover your sense of purpose. When our choices align with our values, we experience a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. When they don't match up, we can experience discontent and dissatisfaction. 

This personalized guidance will help you understand your values within the following framework:  


Caregivers value helping, supporting, guiding, and caring for others. They choose how and when they care for others. They care more about strong human connections than for material gain. Your top values are: 

  • Caring 

  • Equality and Justice 

  • Stability

Achievers value accumulating social and material resources. They often find meaning in self-improvement. Your top values are: 

  • Achievement 

  • Respect

Free Spirits value being autonomous i.e., being able to control what they do and when they do it. Your top values are: 

  • Freedom  

  • Enjoyment

Preservers value conserving old practices — whether natural or cultural. They strive to enhance and maintain traditional customs. Your top values are: 

  • Conservation  

  • Tradition 

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