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Learning is a skill, and intentional learning is a mindset. Developing and nurturing your mindset will lead you to become an intentional learner. And harnessing learning skills can build your self-esteem, boost your career, and increase your satisfaction with life.  

To give you personalized guidance, we have measured three personality traits and the sub-traits. that influence your ability to learn intentionally: 

  1. Openness: A high level of acceptance of new experiences. Openness comprises the personality sub-traits of curiosity, variety seeking, risk taking and optimism.  

  2. Focus:  The ability to concentrate and focus your attention. Focus comprises perseverance, self-starting, structured thinking, and tough-mindedness. 

  3. Planning: The act of thinking about the activities required to achieve your desired goals. Planning comprises forward planning, adaptability, autonomy, and reflection. 

Your most preferred approach to learning is


In addition to this summary, a complete and personalized guidance report is available by registering free of charge with Talent Transformation. Your personalized report will be created to help you evaluate and reflect upon the factors that influence your intention to learn. Topics addressed in your personalized report include openness to learning (curiosity, variety seeking, risk taking, and optimism), your ability to focus on learning (perseverance, structured thinking, self-starting, tough-mindedness) and your ability to plan your learning (foresight, adaptability, autonomy, reflectiveness). Your personalized report will also include a Personalized Learning Guide and links to worksheets to help you break through any barriers. 


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