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Technology Trends That Will Disrupt The Future Of Work In 2020 (FORBES)
3 Jan 2020 - There was a not-so-quiet revolution on the tech front in 2019. Software as a service (SaaS) came into its own. AI got smarter, and augmented reality became real. 

2020 Vision: Learning for the Changing World of Work (CITY & GUILDS)
3 Jan 2020 - Heard the one about how "most of the jobs in the future haven’t been invented yet"? It’s an often quoted phrase attached to varying levels of dramatic statistics...

The Assumptions We Make About the Future of Work (YOUTUBE)
17 Dec 2019  -Jacob Morgan asks what are the potential futures of work and what do we need to do to build them...

11 Trends Shaping the Future of Work for Women (CATALYST)
12 Dec 2019 - “What is impossible today but if it could be done would fundamentally change your business?” asked Pete Dulcamara, Kimberly-Clark’s Technical VP and Chief Scientist.

Preparing for the Future of Work (WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM)
7 Dec 2019 - Rapid technological innovation, globalization, demographic shifts, climate change and geopolitical transformations are having an unprecedented impact on the work and skills landscape.

5 Work Performance Indicators: A Modern Way To Make Decisions (FORBES)
6 Dec 2019 - According to a new report, only 27% of knowledge workers “have a good handle on the data we collect and what we do with it.” And a mere 4% want more data.

AI use ‘must be accountable and transparent’, claims the ICO (TECHERATI)
3 Dec 2019 - Companies planning on using artificial intelligence (AI) in their work should ensure it is “transparent and accountable”, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has said.

19 Artificial Intelligence Technologies To Look For In 2019 (ADTEXT AI)
3 Dec 2019 - Tech decision makers are looking for ways to implement artificial intelligence technologies into their businesses. Here's a list of the best

The Future of Work is Now (NEXT GENERATION)
1 Dec 2019 - It’s clear that AI algorithms and humans are co-workers. We can only expect more of the same in the future

How Companies can Empower AI Leadership (ANALYTICS INSIGHT)
1 Dec 2019 - Artificial intelligence has immediately moved beyond topical experiments in the advancement lab

How to attract the top millennial talent (TECHREPUBLIC)
26 Nov 2019 - Millennials are more vocal than previous generations in asking for what they want from employers.

How can employers capitalise on the millennial entrepreneurial spark? (DIVERSITYQ)
26 Nov 2019 - By 2050 millennials will make up over half of the global workforce, but what will the world of work look like?

AI and the Future of Work: The Economic Impacts of Artificial Intelligence (IEEE SPECTRUM)
22 Nov 2019 - Experts discuss technological inequality and the “reskilling” problem at an MIT conference.

HR Podcast episode 19: What could HR do with better data? (PEOPLE MANAGEMENT)
22 Nov 2019 - Talks about major topics that affect the people profession, including how analytics could lead the way in driving inclusion.

When AI meets HR, here’s what happens (BEYOND LIMITS)
20 Nov 2019 - Take a close look at how AI is transforming HR, along with a glimpse at what the future holds.

The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019: Optimism, trust reach new low levels (DELOITTE)
19 Nov 2019 - Deloitte research reveals a “generation disrupted.” Growing up in a world of accelerated transformation leaves millennials and Gen Zs feeling unsettled about the future.

10 questions you always wanted to ask about preparing organisations for AI disruption, but never did! (TOWARDS DATA SCIENCE)
18 Nov 2019  - AI expert Professor Alexiei Dingli asks Mrs Rachel Falzon, People Performance Consultant & Advisory Manager about digital disruption from a people’s perspective.

Why Gen Z employees need to be managed differently than millennials (TECH FEPUBLIC)
11 Nov 2019 - Gen Z will be the most intuitive generation regarding valuable digital capabilities, through 2025, according to a new report from Gartner.

Driving Total Talent Transformation (TALENT TRAINBLAZER TV)
9 Nov 2019 - YouTube: Maarten Hansson, head of workforce strategy, Philips

How HR leaders can prepare for the future of work: 5 strategies (TECH REPUBLIC)
4 Nov 2019 - Technology is revolutionizing the way people work, and HR leaders will play a critical role in these changes, Gartner found.

Four Ideas That Will Change The Future Of Work (FORBES)
31 Oct 2019 - Future generations will look back on the early 21st century as the last days of drudgery, when the majority of the population still earned a living without taxing their brains...

Gen Z more optimistic and relaxed than millennial workers (CONSULTANCY.UK)
30 October 2019 - The first wave of Generation Z's (born between 1995 and 2010) are entering the workforce and making a positive impression on co-workers. Compared to their older millenial counterparts, Gen Z’s are more optimistic and prepared to work harder.

The Rise of the Workplace Robot: Key Insights and Discoveries (ORACLE HCM BLOG)
30 October 2019 - In survey more than 8,000 employees to understand their attitudes and behaviors regarding AI. revealed that people believe that AI is changing the relationship between people and technology at work says Albert Qian

The Coming Talent War Over Millennials and Their Transformational Skills (CARRIER MANAGEMENT)
12 Aug 2019  - By as early as 2025, as much as 75 percent of the global workforce could be millennials, and they will bring a whole new set of demands and expectations to the modern workplace.

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