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An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business and takes on financial risks in the hope of profit. We developed the Talent Transformation Entrepreneurial Competencies quiz to help you discover the competencies required to be an entrepreneur and help you develop them. The quiz measured some thinking patterns (cognitive), behaviors, and skills needed to be an entrepreneur:  

  1. Cognitive: Competencies related to thinking and problem-solving.  

  2. Behavioral:  Competencies related to personality and behavior. 

  3. Skills: Expertise required to do specific tasks by applying existing knowledge and competencies. 

The graph below indicates the three categories of competencies the Entrepreneurial Competencies quiz measured.  

In addition to this quick view, a complete and personalized guidance report is available by registering free of charge with Talent Transformation. Your report will help you evaluate, reflect on, and develop your entrepreneurial competencies.


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