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Let's Keep In Touch!

Adding folks to my address book became more complicated with privacy laws being enacted around the world. To ensure compliance I would like to invite you to subscribe and this will help us keep in touch.

As part of us keeping in contact I'll add you to the Talent Transformation Guild's newsletter. 

If you don't immediately see these emails please check your junk mail and add the domain to your safe sender's list. Thank you!

Eric Shepherd is an accomplished leader of international businesses and associations focused on talent, assessments, and success. Eric recently stepped away from a CEO role where he worked to build a SaaS company into a multi-million-dollar international assessment software business. Eric has also led industry and standards initiatives to promote best practices for assessments, learning, and interoperability. He served on the HR Open Standards Consortium to further the goals of open, transparent and trusted approach for HR data standards development. Eric was instrumental in developing the IMS QTI interoperability standard and assisted with the US Department of Defense Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative to define the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and the Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) to define launch and track standards for Learning Management Systems.

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